How to Reset Apple ID Password Easily

If you are struggling with your Apple ID and do not know How to Reset Apple ID Password then Follow our simple steps to reset your password. Here are some simple and easy tips to reset your Apple ID.


Hello and welcome to our new blog post on How to Reset Apple ID Password. In this blog post, we will learn how you can reset the Apple ID. You need your Apple ID to open all the stuff on your iPad, iPhone, or computer. Sometimes, you can not remember your Apple ID password and you have to access your phone or other apps. So no need to worry we are going to solve this problem.

How to Reset Apple ID Password

1Open your web browser and go to the official Apple ID account page.
2Click on the “Forgot Apple ID or password?” link.
3Enter your Apple ID email address and click “Continue.”
4Choose the option to reset your password. You can receive an email or answer security questions.
5If you choose email, check your inbox for a password reset email from Apple. Follow the provided link.
6If you choose security questions, answer them as prompted to verify your identity.
7Create a new password and confirm it. Click “Reset Password.”
8Log in to your Apple ID account with the new password on all your devices.
How to Reset Apple ID Password


Click on settings on your iPhone

How to Reset Apple ID

Click on the Apple ID

How to Reset Apple ID Password easily

Click on Password and Security

Apple ID Password

Click on Change Password

Reset Apple ID Password

Update the password

How to Reset Apple ID Password

Apple iPhone Series and Face ID Options

iPhone SeriesFace ID
iPhone XYes
iPhone XRYes
iPhone XSYes
iPhone 11Yes
iPhone 11 ProYes
iPhone SE (2nd generation)No
iPhone 12Yes
iPhone 12 ProYes
iPhone 13Yes
iPhone 14Yes
iPhone 15Yes
Apple iPhone Series and Face ID Options


How do I recover my Apple ID password if I forgot it?

Go to the Apple ID account website, click Sign In, and click “Forgot Apple ID or password?” Apple will ask you some questions to verify it’s really you. After this, you can change the Apple ID password if you forgot it.

How do I remove my Apple ID password if I forgot it?

If you forgot your Apple ID password then get into the iPhone and go to Settings then General > Reset > Reset All Settings to perform the reset. This will help you remove your Apple ID from your phone. Go to for more.

How do I reset my locked Apple ID?

Go to Enter your Apple ID, then select Continue.

Can you unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID?

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later with watchOS 7.4 or later, then you can simply raise and glance at your iPhone to unlock your iPhone with the Apple Watch. There is no other way to get in your iPhone without a passcode or face ID.

Can I change my Apple ID?

You can change your Apple ID to a different mobile phone number by creating a new one. There is no other option to change apple ID because it is on your phone number or mail. So if you want to change your apple ID then you need to change the primary number or mail.

Does factory reset remove Apple ID?

No, factory resetting your iPhone will not remove your Apple ID. After resetting the phone the apple will ask you to add your apple ID and old password to get in the phone.

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