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What Does “Suggest” Mean?

When we say someone “suggests” something, it’s like giving a little idea or telling a cool thought. Imagine you have a friend who says, “Hey, let’s play with toys!” That’s a suggestion.

So, to suggest is to share an idea or thought with others. You can say like this, “Hey, what do you think about this?”

For example, if your friend suggests watching a movie, they’re saying, “How about we watch a movie together?”

People suggest things all the time, like what game to play, what to eat, or where to go. We hope you can understand it now.

Here are 30 Examples define Suggest

SuggestTo share an idea or thought with others; offering a cool suggestion or thought for consideration.
  • Your friend suggests playing a game together.
  • Teacher suggests reading a new book for homework.
  • Mom suggests having pizza for dinner.
  • Someone suggests going to the park on the weekend.
  • For a math problem, your friend suggests using the number 30.
  • During a brainstorming session, a team member suggests a creative solution.
  • Your sibling suggests watching a funny movie together.
  • A colleague suggests a new idea for the project at work.
  • At a restaurant, a friend suggests trying a new dish on the menu.
  • For a road trip, someone suggests taking a scenic route.
  • During a conversation, a classmate suggests a topic for discussion.
  • When choosing a gift, a friend suggests something thoughtful and personal.
  • During a game night, someone suggests playing a card game.
  • At a party, a friend suggests playing lively music for dancing.
  • For a weekend activity, someone suggests a picnic in the park.
  • Your teacher suggests a helpful strategy for studying before exams.
  • A friend suggests a good book to read during the summer break.
  • During a group project, a team member suggests a creative presentation format.
  • When decorating a room, someone suggests using vibrant colors for a lively atmosphere.
  • For a fitness routine, a trainer suggests incorporating strength training exercises.
  • During a meeting, a colleague suggests a more efficient way to organize tasks.
  • For a weekend getaway, a friend suggests visiting a nearby historical site.
  • When planning a party, someone suggests creating a theme for added fun.
  • During a discussion, a family member suggests implementing eco-friendly practices at home.
  • A neighbor suggests forming a community garden for everyone to enjoy.
  • When faced with a challenge, a mentor suggests approaching it with a positive mindset.
  • For a delicious dessert, a friend suggests trying a homemade recipe with chocolate and berries.
  • During a team-building activity, a group member suggests a trust-building exercise.
  • When choosing a movie, someone suggests a classic film for a cozy movie night.
  • At a photography exhibition, a friend suggests capturing unique moments with a camera.

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